She’s so fly

Fly like a __ saraphina.fiHi peeps! I’ve been meaning to start writing for over two hours now but either my phone has been ringing (and I answering..) or I’ve been too excited about, well everything. First of all,

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kahvila Andante // // Kuvat: Camilla Bloom


Ahh, vacation, in it’s purest form. I have to tell you, it felt really good to do nothing for a few days (Okay I did see my friends and had a little fun). I finally had my traditional

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Time for a change? // Photo: Camilla Bloom


Hi loves! I hope that your day went well <3 I’ve been laughing for the past twenty minutes to this super funny clip of a dupped music video. Dupped in this case meaning that someone’s making funny voices when ever the singer/singers open their mouths, haha! So funny.

By the way,

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