Purple wall

sarah // saraphina.fi

In front of the wall,

I’m wondering how to do it all,

The phone should be ringing, but I’m trying to save my shillings

The tree of money makes it hard for me to stay when I have so many places where to get away

but no matter what it takes, I’ll do it night and day

because there’s no other place

where I’d rather spend my time in a purple haze

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Late breakfast

Late Breakfast // Cafe Bar No 9 // Saraphina.fi


I’ve been thinking for a while that there’s probably only a few people that I know who love to eat breakfast as much as I do regardless of what time it is. It’s actually a dream of mine to always have the option of having an old fashioned breakfast as late as I want to. Today I kind of accidentally stumbled upon

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New eyeshadow primer favourite

Urban Decay -uutuus //saraphina.fi


Happy Tuesday everyone! The sun is almost shining, so hurray for that :)

I was in the city centre shopping a few weeks ago with my dear friend and we were searching for a foundation for her. While we were looking for the foundation we stumbled upon Urban Decays section in Sokos

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Stockholm VLOG + Pictures

Tukholman matka // Saraphina.fi


Surprise! As you may have noticed from the title, I secretly vlogged my trip to Stockholm. Since most of you are from Finland, this time around my vlog is in Finnish. I promise that I will do vlogs in English later on, okay? :)

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