New love

Saraphina // MAC Highlight LIGHTSCAPADE


Hi peeps! I hope that your weekend has started well <3 I was supposed to write to you later today about another topic ( and I will 😁 ) but I just couldn’t wait any longer! Especially because I didn’t do a post yesterday, I’m making up for it now.

I’m currently heading to a secret destination and against all my urges I haven’t been snapping this morning. I’m totally hooked with weekend trips and this trip is especially special because I’m going to see a dear friend of mine. But on the mean time I wanted to tell you about my new, well quite new, highlight love.

I went to Stockmann’s MAC store a few weeks ago to look for a new highlighter and to my surprise they had  only two shades that were suitable for all skin colours. During summer I can pull off almost everything but now that my skin is as pale as a whales, I can only dream of using bronze shaded highlighters. I already possess Soft & Gentle which I’ve been using for sooooo long, so I picked MAC’s Lightscapade. I would have been ready to by three highlights but I guess my wallet was relieved that I didn’t 🙈 It was one of those moments when you think: “I will buy this and that no matter what. I have to!” and when you and up in a situation that the store doesn’t have what you were looking for, you have to buy something anyways.  Sometimes our brains are weird.

So here I am with my new highlighter which I’m actually really happy with even though I didn’t have a lot of choice choosing the shade. I love how I can pack it if I want a strong highlight or gently swipe it to have almost an unnoticeable sheer. I’ll swatch it later with MAC’s Soft & Gentle so you’ll see the difference.

Now I must go! I’ve arrived to my destination. So exciting!

Ps. Sorry for the rambling. This is what happens when I’m really excited. Talk to you soon!



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Restaurant Haven

Restaurant Haven //


Okay first of all, two posts in one day? I’m sure you are just as amazed as I am! 😄

If you follow me on Snapchat you may have noticed that I go to all kinds of events in the field of fashion, lifestyle and beauty. I thought it would be fun to show you a bit more of this aspect of my life. I love going to new places and meeting new people. Of course I almost always have friends and acquaintances in the events I go to, but as I said, I love meeting new people.

Today I attended an event at Hotel Haven which is located by the sea at the heart of Helsinki. The hotel and more specifically the restaurant was new to me so it goes without saying that it was a pleasure. I loved how their cabinets had different interior designs and I especially fell in love with the blue cabinet. It had dark blue walls and beautiful old fashioned vibe to it.

On an especially serious note, I HAVE to know how they made those delicious white chocolate caramel treats? I ate like 10 of them (this is possible when you walk by the catering table for five times in secret, hah). If you know where I can get these treats, please tell me. You can spot them on the picture above.

But hey! Would you like to see more posts like this? Tell me and I’ll answer. Pinky promise 💜

Restaurant Haven //

Restaurant Haven //

Restaurant Haven //

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Matcha latte love

kahvila Andante // // Kuvat: Camilla Bloom


Hi loves! How’s everyone’s week? Mine has been a bit nerve wracking. Monday started out amazingly but today I’ve been so tired that it has been hard to keep my eyes open. All the exciting things have squeezed me dry, haha. Well, I guess we are supposed to have days or even periods when our energy levels are a bit on the down side :) It’s not the end of the world.

Actually, the idea for this post came to my mind because the only thing I would like to do now is to take a nap. We took these pictures a while ago with Camilla at Cafe Andante. Their Matcha latte is super yummy and I wouldn’t mind having a cup of that delicious elixir right now. This cafeteria is still quite new to me but I would definitely recommend it to anyone who loves a good cup of tea or Matcha latte. If you are in a hurry to fix up your caffeine deficit, schedule the visit for another time because this place takes the time to do your chosen drink correctly and with love. Oh, and as you can see there are flowers! How cool is that.

On a different note, I’m really excited about the upcoming weekend! I’m going to a small trip for a couple of days. I’ll tell you more about that later <3 Have an amazing day everyone!


kahvila Andante // // Kuvat: Camilla Bloom

kahvila Andante // // Kuvat: Camilla Bloom

kahvila Andante // // Kuvat: Camilla Bloom

kahvila Andante // // Kuvat: Camilla Bloom

Blouse – Odd Molly

Photos: Camilla Bloom

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Saraphina // Gant, Ellos


Every day I’ll lay back,

look at all those with a camel back,

for me it’s easy as a breeze,

no hard work to get to the level as the person you call and say please,

because I’m the one with the coloured shades of love and fun,

with unlimited trust to the one with whom I’m never getting lost

it’s the one and only,

almost holy,

with a stained soul of proudness and self-awareness

it has begun,

the level of motivation and work no one can outrun

Sarah G

Saraphina // Gant pants, Ellos jacket, SuperGa sneakers


Saraphina // Gant pants, Ellos jacket, SuperGa sneakers

Saraphina // Gant pants, Ellos jacket, SuperGa sneakers

Sarah G



Sneakers – SuperGa

Pants – GANT

Blouse – Ellos

Jacket – Ellos

Bracelet – Dyrberg/Kern

Sunglasses – Karl Lagerfeld / Specsavers

*Everything borrowed for the shoot

Photos: Mia

Edited by me

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