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I can’t believe that exactly two years ago I published my first post. I’m surprisingly finding it difficult to write at the moment because the day when I created my blog was also the day when I felt sadness, loneliness and confused. Part of the reason why I felt sad was because of another person and the confusion was simply me growing up. The year 2014 was a real game changer for me, I’ll try and explain this to you at some point but simply said my view on life changed, I created crazy goals and a new mindset. I was growing up as a person, fast.

On a sunny Tuesday morning 2nd of June 2014 I felt an overpowering urge to create something that would be completely mine and something that I could call as my accomplishment. I had an urge to do something on my own and without help. Mind me saying that creating something remotely close to a blog was new to me. I can’t say where from the urge to create came from because I’d never created anything like this, not even close. I guess I had always stopped myself from trying to write, draw and visualise because I thought it would be embarrassing. Just like I was embarrassed on taking outfit pics(seriously), writing poems and taking cool pictures.

To be honest, I didn’t really plan on making a blog, it just happened. That feeling of creating something was amazing, something I had never felt before. That’s why I’m still doing this, to me it’s about creating and expressing myself and my thoughts. I love it, I love this. I love the fact that even though this gives me endless happiness, I’m also giving. -- Zara, Monki - blog 2 years-20 -- Zara, Monki - blog 2 years-3 -- Zara, Monki - blog 2 years-24


I also want to say how incredibly grateful I am to everyone, especially to the ones who have been with me from the start and who have believed in me since day one. There was a time when I’d talk about my dreams and goals and the general response I got was laughter and doubt. But you know, sometimes you just know that what you have started will get you where you want to be. The number one thing is to be your own biggest believer and motivator. Others will follow, trust me.

I know this text was a bit deep but it was my way of telling you how much this means to me and how important you are to me. Funny how I spoke with Ronja that we should take super smily photos for this and then I go all, well me, and start talking how much you this and you mean to me almost in tears. Typical girl thing.

Tomorrow I’ll make a surprise post for you! It’s my thank you to you for being there and being awesome. The post is definitely something you don’t want to miss out (; <3

 Have an amazing day loves! xx -- Zara, Monki - blog 2 years-19 -- Zara, Monki - blog 2 years-22 -- Zara, Monki - blog 2 years-18 -- Zara, Monki - blog 2 years-26 -- Zara, Monki - blog 2 years-23 -- Zara, Monki - blog 2 years-17 -- Zara, Monki - blog 2 years-25 -- Zara, Monki - blog 2 years-21 (1) -- Zara, Monki - blog 2 years-12 -- Zara, Monki - blog 2 years-7

To many more years to come.


Jacket ☞  ZARA

Top ☞  Monki

Jeans ☞  ZARA

Sunnies ☞  Lindex

High heels ☞  ZARA

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