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Book of the living //

I’m alive! After a few weeks of being sick, traveling and working, I am here. It’s already half past midnight but hey, guess it means I’m back on my mode. I’m still a bit sick tho but I’m getting better every day. I’m so sorry for not posting, the amount of free time that I had on my hands during the last few weeks was so little that I had to use it to get some sleep and rest. Hope you all understand.

I’m not the kind of person to be on sick leave unless it’s absolutely impossible to talk or be awake. I believe that we are in control of our bodies and that our bodies can take care of a normal flue no matter if we are at work or at home. The key in my opinion is getting enough of those Zzz’s and water. So after work I’ve been at home sleeping, heh.

It’s funny how I’m usually never sick but now that all the exciting and challenging new things are happening I’m half dead, hah. It has been weird to have lower energy levels and bad vibes. I’d totally forgot how it really feels to be sick and how the things that I normally did during the day felt hard. For example listening to music while going to work hurt my head, like what? The thing that usually gets me excited and ready for the day hurt me? I definitely got a bigger understanding on how it feels to have a normal day for those who are chronically ill, not that my flue is in any comparison.

To happier notes! I feel like my flue is on its last meters meaning that I can finally go to the gym. I’m a bit late on my posting schedule so the upcoming weekend is dedicated for catching up. I’m so excited and I instantly feel better that I’m finally able to go back to my routine. Damn it feels good to be healthy(ish).

Talk to you soon :)




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