Gaggui, Turku //


This month has definitely been a good month on the cake section. I’m sure that by the end of the year I’ll have at least 15 places that serve delicious cakes. Of course I’ll tell you all about them. While I was at Turku, I saw this beautiful little cafeteria that had a big sign that said “Cake”, needless to say that was all the convincing that I needed. We had 20 minutes until we had to leave to the train station and decided to have a cup of coffee and a piece of cake at Gaggui. Well I was the only one eating cake since my friends were too full after our brunch. Amateurs. The cafeteria is located close to the train station on the street which goes right to the centre of Turku, convenient huh?

To the important part. The service was really polite and I enjoyed their casual vibe. The cafeteria was full and a bit tiny, but I do think that smaller cafeterias tend to have a better vibe to them. Feels like you are at home and not in a big chain cafeteria. The one thing that I also liked is the fact that there were multiple waiters even though the cafeteria is small. I’m not entirely sure if that’s because they also do catering in the back but still, I think it was a nice thing.

And then the cakes, I would have loved to see a few more options. It is a cake cafeteria after all but that didn’t stop me. I choose a raspberry cheesecake which was really creamy and refreshing even though I was quite full. I have to admit that I couldn’t enjoy it fully as I had 5 minutes to eat it, hah. But I still liked it! This is the kind of place where you should definitely go if you are in Turku, I see it as a sight where you get cake. Cool.


Where: Humalistonkatu 15a 20100 Turku

Price range on cakes: 4€-6€

Serve: Cakes, sandwiches, breakfast, coffee, tea

Something special: They do catering


Gaggui, Turku //

Gaggui, Turku //

Gaggua, Turku //

Gaggui, Turku //

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