City Girl

City Girl // // Photo: Camilla Bloom


Hello peeps! I hope that everyone’s week went well :) I’ve noticed that I always have the same starting sentence, just like when I’m writing an email. I could start by telling what I’m about to tell you (soon), but for some reason I find it rude no to say hello and wish you all the best before I start rambling. Like now.

To the point! Today has been the kind of day when concentrating on one simple thing has been reeeally difficult. You may have noticed this when you started reading, eh? Does it, by the way, ever happen to you that you are already doing something but then suddenly you forget your name, your first pet and the candies you traded for that surprisingly horrible piece of chocolate? Nope, to me neither. Guess what does happen to me, I forget the thing I was just doing. It amazes me every time. But fear not, I’m still very much sane.

I wanted to share these outfit pics with you that were taken by the lovely Camilla. This is the outfit that I wore when I had a casual Sunday and went to a cafeteria to write and plan. I tend to have a simple outfit and as little to carry as possible when I go to the city. The green vintage jacket makes me feel like an artist who drinks whiskey in the morning and paints like maniac. The computer case on the other hand makes me feel like a writer, that I am. The cap, well, if you read this post you know that I’m obsessed. All in all, I really love this outfit. Every piece creates a story and when these pieces are combined, they tell a story that is mine.


City Girl // // Photo: Camilla Bloom

City Girl // // Photo: Camilla Bloom

City Girl // // Photo: Camilla Bloom

City Girl // // Photo: Camilla Bloom


Photos: Camilla Bloom



Boots: From Tallinn

Jeans: River Island

Shirt: BikBok

Scarf: Mulberry

Cap: New York Yankees

Jacket: Okevo

Computer Case: Trunk


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  1. Wonderful outfit indeed!

    I’ve been addicted to caps as too… well… rather only one cap that has been on my head 90% of the time since getting it 3 years ago. Works truly well with everything!

    …especially with chinos, button shirt and sweater OR chinos and plaid shirt! (yes, I like chinos)


    1. Oh thank you! Hah, isn’t that how it normally goes? You have that one thing that you use over and over again. Tho, I’m now trying to expand my cap collection.

      CHINOS <3 <3

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