Crooked mind


EDITED by ME -- hernesaari


She doesn’t fall in it, but creates a way to go beneath it

out of sight of those who live a different life

no hesitation wanted in this state of mind 

risks are wanted and required to live the life of the crooked minds

to achieve things to which others have no sight 

call it a different life meaning

I’m here to see it and feel it

and when I’m succeeding, i’ll scream it until there’s no one left who can’t hear it 

that I came here and did it

even though there were so many who didn’t believe it

there’s magic in dreaming -- hernesaari

s-2 (1) -- hernesaari

saraphina -- hernesaari-5 - love it


Skirt ☞ BikBok

Top ☞ Monki

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