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Today was a wonderful Monday. I did everything that I was supposed to do and even more, I exceeded myself. Do you know those moments when you are a bit tired and debating with yourself if you should do that one thing or not? DO IT! I promise you that you will feel amazing after completing your goals for the day.

Today I had a couple of those “why do I have to” moments. I sat down and cursed because I couldn’t do the things on my list the easy way and I felt like going home. But then I thought: “SARAH, you need to get your ass up and try until you’ve finished. Those goals will not happen by themselves.” And it’s true. Not everything works out on the first try, or the second or third.

I have a mental check list that I would like to share with you if you happen to end up in a moment of despair. Don’t worry, I still believe that you are the most powerful superhero ever, but even superhero’s have their weak moments, so you know, go through this. Just in case!


1. Remember why you started

For me this is the most important thing I could possibly think of when I have a moment of weakness.  I feel a rush going through my body when I think about all the amazing things that I want to achieve in my lifetime. Reaching your goals is about repetition and making reaching your goals a habit. Just like brushing your teeth in the morning. It’s actually really simple.

2. Picture the feeling you’ll have after completing your task

Task is a dull word, but sometimes the things that we love to do, feel like boring tasks. It’s okay, you are only a human (superhero). So, what helps me to “take a hit” and complete what I’ve promised to myself, I picture the moment when I’ve completed the task. The joy, calmness and feeling of success. It’s worth it.

3. Help others

Sometimes reaching our own goals can be a bit hard. What I’ve noticed is that I get really, like superduper excited when I’m trying my best to motivate others. It’s a feeling of greatness when you see a spark on someone’s eyes and you were there to help them reach that level of excitement. There’s something in helping others. I guess that’s karma.


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  1. I so much liked this post, as I love these motivational stuff ;) number 3 is something I want to do more also, as much as possible. The feeling when you can help someone is so great and also, KARMA is so true <3

    1. I’m glad to hear that, thank you! I know right, there’s something really hearth warming in helping others. I also find it really rewarding. Helping others is always a good idea <3

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