Ellos AW16 press day

Ellos AW16 press day // saraphina.fi

How’s everyone’s week been? The most embarrassing thing just happened! So I’m at a restaurant at the moment and I just went to pick up my salad and while I was about to sit down, I hit my head to the lamp above my table. So embarrassing, and it wasn’t a small “ups I hit my head” but a “whoa, I need to crab on this lamp so that it doesn’t fall off!”. Now I’m just trying to act cool like nothing happened. Humans are so awkward, at least I am.

Now that I’m almost recovered from my embarrassing accident and glanced at my salad, I want to tell you about Thursday’s press day, which was right on point! I usually don’t write about the events that I’m either organising or attending but the venue was just so beautiful that I had to. Those who follow me on snapchat (@sarahgrunn) know how excited I was since my snapchat was super long, hah.

Quickly summing Ellos, they have their own fashion, interior and beauty collection which were presented at the event. The event was held at Aallon Koti which is a beautiful penthouse in the centre of Helsinki. The venue was decorated with beautiful flowers that complimented the interior design perfectly. Laura from Home via Laura blog was the mastermind behind the interior decoration. She is such a brilliant person and her ability to create something like this is just amazing.

The event went quickly since there was so much to see and shoot. Oh and the food that Sara la Fountain made, d-e-l-i-c-i-o-u-s. I tried my best to give a glimpse to the vibe that I felt.

Have an amazing week everyone! <3

Ellos AW16 press day // saraphina.fi

 Ellos AW16 press day // saraphina.fi

Ellos AW16 press day -- Saraphina.fi-15

Ellos AW16 press day // saraphina.fi

Ellos AW16 press day -- Saraphina.fi-18

Ellos AW16 press day -- Saraphina.fi-17

Ellos AW16 press day -- Saraphina.fi-16

Ellos AW16 press day -- Saraphina.fi-14

Ellos AW16 press day // saraphina.fi

Ellos AW16 press day // saraphina.fi

Oh, and here’s a picture of me and Adama. Kisses <3

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  1. Hei ei liity aiheeseen, mutta sinulla oli yksi postaus kynsistä Talliinassa tehdyistä. Tiedätköhän tämän Jaanikan nykyistä kynsienteko paikkaa? Oli todella ihanan näköisiä kynsiä

    1. Moikka! Valitettavasti nyt en enää osaa sanoa missä Jaanika mahtaisi kynsiä tehdä. Katson jos innostuisin kesällä etsimään hänet käsiini ja tekisin siitä uuden postauksen päivitettyjen tietojen kanssa! :) Hän oli kyllä todella hyvä, katson mitä saan kehitettyä :)

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