Fly with me

Fly with me //


Happy Tuesday and awesome Women’s Day to all you girls out there! I first had in mind that I’d do a travel post of my weekend trip but decided to publish this one first. I have a small surprise for you but I want to tweak it a little bit more before I publish it. Also I think that you may get tired of me talking about Stockholm so this is my solution, hah.

Here’s my travel outfit, simple and quite comfy. Quite, because those pants ain’t merciful! But I feel like these colours worked well together. I’m absolutely in love with the black fake leather cap, really in love. There’s something about caps, I like that they work with every look and bring a certain badass effect. Just like the pants which I’m wearing. Oh, and now that we are on the subject of looking like a badass traveller, this shiny Samsonite suitcase went well with my outfit, and in a way, completed it. Simple colours, a nice cap and a high-end suitcase are what travel outfits are all about. If you want to be stylish no matter where you are traveling, have at least two outfit pieces that are of the same colour. This way your outfit will look more put together.  Of course if you have time to really work on your outfit, go crazy! Mix and match different colours, basically there are no rules in fashion. My tip focuses more on with what you just can’t go wrong with.

So, what kind of outfits do you like to wear when travelling, jeans or sweats?


Fly with me //

Fly with me //

Fly with me //

Stockholm //



Suitcase: Samsonite

Shoes: H&M

Pants: Vero Moda

College shirt: H&M

Cap: H&M

Jacket: Mango

Pictures: Aino

Editing: Me


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