Kardashian Beauty Lip Crayon



Holaaa! Today we are spending women’s heart condition awareness day in Finland and to show support, you’re supposed to wear your favourite lipstick for the day. Well, I have too many favourites so I decided to give a first try to Kardashian Beauty Lip Crayon in colour Retro Red. May I say that the pigment is out of this world and it stays on sooo well. During the past 8 hours I’ve had it on my lips, I’ve applied it more two to three times and that was after eating and drinking something. I actually could have applied it just once or twice but I have an obsession on touching up, heh.

In addition to showing you this gorgeous newbie I also wanted to raise awareness. There will probably always be diseases no matter how far the technology goes or how healthy we live, that’ something I’ve learned to live with. Nevertheless, I do believe that our way of living and knowledge in symptoms linked to diseases is something we shouldn’t take lightly. Giving your body the nutrients and care that it needs can help to prevent and postpone possible diseases and for example heart conditions. Even though there’s no right way to live and eat that would work for all of us, I want to say that take care of yourself and your body.  You know what works for you and what doesn’t, honour that knowledge.

Oh and please don’t mind my tired eyes, it’s been a hell of a week 🙈 Talk to you loves soon! I’m off to Zzzz’s <3





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    1. Hahaa, positivity saved me! Kiitos ihana <3 Tää väri on ihanan räikeä ja just sopivan verran oranssiin taittava.

    1. Kiitos Sara! Ihan superia kuulla, että tykkäsit. :) Pyrin aina välillä tuomaan ajatuksia mitkä ovat matkan varrella tulleet ja omaa ajatusmaailmaa.

      Upeaa viikonloppua! <3

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