Late breakfast

Late Breakfast // Cafe Bar No 9 //


I’ve been thinking for a while that there’s probably only a few people that I know who love to eat breakfast as much as I do regardless of what time it is. It’s actually a dream of mine to always have the option of having an old fashioned breakfast as late as I want to. Today I kind of accidentally stumbled upon this place called Cafe Bar No. 9 which had breakfast on their menu for THE WHOLE DAY. I can already hear your breathing getting heaver, don’t worry, mine did also when I noticed this gem on the menu. 

So it was 2PM and I decided to eat my second breakfast. It was a good decision, as you may have already guessed. The breakfast was 14€ and included the following: Coffee of your choice (It’s already a yes from me), a glass of orange or apple juice, toast & toppings, bacon and a fried egg. Even though it was already lunch time, I couldn’t finish the whole plate. Which is also a big plus because I’m always afraid that there’s not enough food. Sad, I know, haha! The service was also good and the cafe/restaurant had a fun hipsterish vibe to it.

So if you are looking for a place where to eat breakfast at any time of the day, here’s an option for you. Also, I have to mention that the cappuccino was surprisingly good.

I wish you the best breakfast times for the rest of the week 🎀

Late Breakfast // Cafe Bar No 9 //

Late Breakfast // Cafe Bar No 9 //

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