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Ahh, vacation, in it’s purest form. I have to tell you, it felt really good to do nothing for a few days (Okay I did see my friends and had a little fun). I finally had my traditional Spring cleaning and the amount of stuff that I had laying around the corners… not good.  It felt liberating to throw away old things that no longer fulfilled their purpose.

This weekend was also a certain kind of step back for me. I admitted a few things to myself and took the time to analyse a bit. I started following new people (well, new to me) on social media who got me motivated with their words and stories. It’s amazing how good energy is so contagious! I’m not talking only about positivity but an attitude towards life and the way you can live your life. I really look up to people who keep doing what they love no matter what. For me it doesn’t matter if someone has less or more to begin with, it’s more about what you do with the tools that you have and how creative you are with them.

So, to sum up this text. This weekend made me more determined, wiser, positive, excited, amazed and confident. Questioning yourself is good, thinking is good and stepping outside the box is even better. This week is going to be, and already is, a game changer.


Photo: Camilla Bloom

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      1. OMG! You totally get it! ^_^ <3
        Altho… it is a crime to throw away classic SGI workstations and old Nintendo consoles even if you could transfer the memories out of them ;)

  1. Cleaning your closets and mind is always liberating! Nice to hear that you got some new motivation and new ideas during the vacation :) I also always get so much energy and positivity from you my dear friend <3 Have a nice week and check out my detox guide on my blog ;)

    1. I know, it’s like living in a different home when you’ve taken the time to clear things up! Aww, me too! I was just thinking about you earlier and our conversation <3

      Will do (;

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