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I was already under my blanket when I remembered this quote that I saw earlier today. I stood up and opened my computer. I haven’t really written an motivational post for a while and I’ve been thinking why that is. Approximately a year ago motivational posts were the only ones that I wanted to do and I’ve come to realise that it may have possible been because of I needed it myself, a lot. I’ve always got inspired and motivated by telling you how to overcome your obstacles and how you can achieve anything in this world. I guess while I’ve been doing that I’ve actually proven the same message to myself over and over again without knowing that I’ve really needed it.

Last summer I hit the jackpot. I got my dream internship and I fulfilled my goal for the year 2015 outside of school things. Then I landed my dream job from the same place right before the year ended. I had a goal and I accomplished it. The drive was constant and the vision clear. Now I’m still doing what I love and during this year I’ve fulfilled another goal. Which is this.

My goal regarding my blog is to write to you every other day or at least every two days. Now, the reason why I’m bringing this up is that today I was about to break my rule and instead of posting I would’ve gone to sleep after a long day at work. Then this quote came to my mind and well, you know the rest. It’s a funny thing because to be honest I had this same rule a year ago but I couldn’t keep it up. I felt ashamed just like I would’ve had now but something is different. I can’t quite put my finger on it but opening my computer and beginning to write this post felt, effortless.

Now, I’ve come to a conclusion that my reasoning and the strength of my goals have changed. I strive to do things right away instead of pushing them for another day, and yes, it has been hard at times. For examples I have a pile of receipts I should categories but that’s not yet a part of my routine. The other thing that I mentioned is the strength of my goal. This little blog that you are now reading is just the beginning of something even greater. I have a quite clear vision that I’m determined to fulfil. Last year I only had a rough outline compared to now.

And then the last thing. Routine and balance. For me, balance doesn’t mean that I work a certain amount of hours a day and go to the gym x times a week. Balance for me is that I work quite a lot, I create new projects for myself and I see my friends when our schedules go together. There are days when I go straight to bed after work and days like this when sleep is the last thing I want to do. That is my balance and my own weird routine.

This probably wasn’t the most motivational post ever since I’m not telling you to “do it, do it!”. This is more like an explanatory post that motivation isn’t all about following that idyllic life schedule that someone has created. I also wanted to tell you that goals can get stronger, even though they stay the same.

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