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Saraphina // MAC Highlight LIGHTSCAPADE


Hi peeps! I hope that your weekend has started well <3 I was supposed to write to you later today about another topic ( and I will 😁 ) but I just couldn’t wait any longer! Especially because I didn’t do a post yesterday, I’m making up for it now.

I’m currently heading to a secret destination and against all my urges I haven’t been snapping this morning. I’m totally hooked with weekend trips and this trip is especially special because I’m going to see a dear friend of mine. But on the mean time I wanted to tell you about my new, well quite new, highlight love.

I went to Stockmann’s MAC store a few weeks ago to look for a new highlighter and to my surprise they had  only two shades that were suitable for all skin colours. During summer I can pull off almost everything but now that my skin is as pale as a whales, I can only dream of using bronze shaded highlighters. I already possess Soft & Gentle which I’ve been using for sooooo long, so I picked MAC’s Lightscapade. I would have been ready to by three highlights but I guess my wallet was relieved that I didn’t 🙈 It was one of those moments when you think: “I will buy this and that no matter what. I have to!” and when you and up in a situation that the store doesn’t have what you were looking for, you have to buy something anyways.  Sometimes our brains are weird.

So here I am with my new highlighter which I’m actually really happy with even though I didn’t have a lot of choice choosing the shade. I love how I can pack it if I want a strong highlight or gently swipe it to have almost an unnoticeable sheer. I’ll swatch it later with MAC’s Soft & Gentle so you’ll see the difference.

Now I must go! I’ve arrived to my destination. So exciting!

Ps. Sorry for the rambling. This is what happens when I’m really excited. Talk to you soon!



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