Matte Khaki Nails


MATTE Khaki nails //

For the past months I’ve been obsessed with matte nails. You know the ones you see on Instagram and look a-m-a-z-i-n-g? Yes, those. I came across a new matte nail polish top coat and couldn’t resist the urge of trying out the matte trend myself.My nail length is not doing justice for this nail polish duo but if you do, definitely try it. I envy you.

In addition to trying out the new top coat, I wanted to add a little bit of sparkle! When I’m feeling lazy (that is always) I only decorate the ring fingers. This way the nail art design is simple with a small twist to it. I would like to say that just like me, but there’s nothing simple in me nor a small twist, hehe. But there is sparkle!! A lot of sparkle..

..Back to the tutorial. I made this amazing collage for you to see the steps on how to do the Matte Khaki nail design.


MATTE Khaki nails //


1. Numero uno (repeat in Spanish accent) – Apply your favourite base coat

2. Apply a khaki colored nail polis and after it’s dry, add the mattefying clear top coat

3. Now comes the tough part. Either add a clear (not matte) top coat or apply the glitter dust on the nail while the polish is still wet. Try not to touch your nail with your nail art brush, just sprinkle. Then create an upside down triangle with golden glitters with the help of a dotting tool

TIP: You can use a toothpick instead of the dotting tool

TIP 2: Be patient, it takes time

4. Finished!


The products that I used to create the nail design:

Apply your favourite base coat

Apply your favourite base coat

MATTE Khaki nails //

Apply your favourite base coat

Products used

Yves Rocher – Flawless finish base coat

Yves Rocher – 73. Vert Agave

Beauty by Ellos – Matt top coat

Yves Rocher – Gold loose glitter

Yves Rocher – Loose pearls 01 Nacres roses

Yves Rocher – Nail art brush

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