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Happy Monday everyone! I hope that the day has been productive and filled with positive things. For me this day was all about taking it easy on myself. I’ve noticed how I spend my days thinking about everything possible and constantly making check lists with no end. As a living-in-the-moment lover I find this new habit of mine quite negative. I believe that the magic is in the small things and in the present. So now that I’ve spent the last few weeks stressing out and constantly worrying, I’ve noticed that I have to learn how to empty my mind and relax.

Like every obstacle in life, I always try to find a positive side. For example this new habit of mine finally gave me the perfect reason to try meditation. I did fall asleep in like 5 minutes, but hey, it’s a start! In addition to trying out meditation, I’ve aloud myself to just be. Oh yes, watching the suits while being under a cozy blanket and drinking hot tea and after the show falling a sleep. Well, needless to say it’s been amazing.

For countless times I’ve told you how I’m trying to achieve the perfect balance between work, social life and me-time. I’ve tried different things, check lists and what not. I’m starting to believe that the balance starts with acceptance of who you are and what you love.

Because I always want to give tips and help, the advice I think will always be relevant and on point is to accept who you truly are. There’s nothing more than pure awesomeness there!

Oh, and if you were thinking where this cute outfit is from, scroll down!



Jumpsuit 〰️ MOHITO

High Heels 〰️
Photos 〰️ Mia

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