Restaurant Haven

Restaurant Haven //


Okay first of all, two posts in one day? I’m sure you are just as amazed as I am! 😄

If you follow me on Snapchat you may have noticed that I go to all kinds of events in the field of fashion, lifestyle and beauty. I thought it would be fun to show you a bit more of this aspect of my life. I love going to new places and meeting new people. Of course I almost always have friends and acquaintances in the events I go to, but as I said, I love meeting new people.

Today I attended an event at Hotel Haven which is located by the sea at the heart of Helsinki. The hotel and more specifically the restaurant was new to me so it goes without saying that it was a pleasure. I loved how their cabinets had different interior designs and I especially fell in love with the blue cabinet. It had dark blue walls and beautiful old fashioned vibe to it.

On an especially serious note, I HAVE to know how they made those delicious white chocolate caramel treats? I ate like 10 of them (this is possible when you walk by the catering table for five times in secret, hah). If you know where I can get these treats, please tell me. You can spot them on the picture above.

But hey! Would you like to see more posts like this? Tell me and I’ll answer. Pinky promise 💜

Restaurant Haven //

Restaurant Haven //

Restaurant Haven //

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  1. Yay for multiple posts per day!
    Yes… more like this plz! :)

    ps. love that LV clutch, my fav color even <3
    (…that is LV isn't it? or did I just embarrass myself with fashion no-knowledge ;_; )

    1. Hihii, yay! Good to hear :) It’s fun to write about something a bit different.

      Yazz, it’s LV (; I love it too and the size is perfect. That’s why I have it with me almost every day :D

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