Secret hideaway


Hey loves! I hope that everyone’s weekend has gone well so far. :)

The day has really been like a dream. I woke up early (not kidding, already at 8AM!) and took a shower and theeen I kind of fell asleep again. So typical of me! But I promise it was only for like 25 minutes because otherwise I would’ve been late from my 11AM brunch. Which was amazing by the way. I’ll tell you more about that later next week. Then I walked around the city with a friend enjoying the amazing weather, but then the biggest food coma ever hit us and we decided to go home and take a nap. Of course when I actually would have had the time to take a nap, I decided to start editing tomorrow’s video.

After editing for a while we went to a secret hideaway with my dear friend. We both love spending time in the nature every once and a while so we decided to go for a walk and enjoy the day. We brought snacks with us so we could sit by the sea and just enjoy our time at this secret place. We did end up in a bit of a crazy situation even though we had no intentions to! It’s all on my snapchat if you want to have a look, hih.

It was a lovely day. Night night loves! 😄

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