Silver reflection

Metallic shoes Ellos //

Happy Saturday everyone! Hope everyone’s week went well (: I have to admit that for me, this week had almost way too many new challenges, but I can happily say that I conquered them all! YAZ.

Remember folks that no matter what comes in your way, you will always conquer. No matter what (;

We took these pictures with lovely Camilla. Like any other day, this day was more than hectic at work for me, so we squeezed this photo shoot to our schedules. Instead of relaxing over at lunch, we were working. A reminder that sometimes in order to do what you love, you need give up on something.  Oh, and if you didn’t know, Camilla is a brilliant photographer. Am I lucky or lucky to get to work with her? / photo: Camilla / photo: Camilla Bloom / photo: Camilla Bloom


The outfit’s main focus is on the sneakers that I absolutely fell in love with. I love everything that is metallic or plastic. It’s a weird thing of mine, haha. The sneakers are from Ellos and are surprisingly comfy! The whole outfit was black besides the sneakers, so I wanted to spice it up with a green GANT watch. For me this is the prefect work outfit.

What do you think? Is the touch of silver a fun detail or not?

Pics by Camilla Bloom

Dress – H&M

Jacket – Supertrash

Sneakers – Ellos

Watch – GANT


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    1. Yay! Contrast = LOVE.

      Haha, yes reflection. Do I have a logical meaning for naming this post as Silver reflection? No :D Maybe I need to work on naming my posts a little bit more..

    1. Oon myös ihan koukussa. Ja ne oli kyllä todella mukavat jalassa! (:

      Kiitos ihana <3 Huikeaa viikkoa ja nähdään toivottavasti pian. Kisses!

    1. Iiks kiitos Maria! Oon myös todella innoissani noista hopeisista kengistä. Monkissa on myynnissa exact samantyylinen reppu, täytyy kattoa miten ne sopisi yhteen (:

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