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matapoteket, ravintola Tukholmassa //


Hey loves, I hope that your Monday had a great jump start! For me Monday is the day when you get to set new goals and vibes for the week. I’ll have to admit that I’ve been suuuper tired for the whole day and I’ve been drooling for the food that I ate in Stockholm. Especially the food that I ate at Matapoteket, meaning food pharmacy.

Matapoteket is a raw food tapas restaurant that is located in Södermalm. The restaurant’s interior design is cute and cozy, something you could expect your grannies summer cottage to look like. My absolute favourite dish was their raw pizza. I would never have guessed that it could taste like, wait for it, pizza! I would have been totally okay if it hadn’t, since raw food usually always has its own taste that I actually like. But oh my oh my, that slice was like a piece of heaven.

I took a tasting plate so that I’d have more variety and of course as a major food lover I wanted to taste it all. Many of the dishes had coriander which I LOVE. Like really really love. Coriander makes every food taste fresh and delicious. Another favourite dish of mine was a vegan spring roll which also had, my favourite, coriander. The service at Matapoteket was really polite and positive. All in all it was a great experience and the food was delicious.

If you haven’t visited Stockholm, this is definitely one of the restaurants you should go to if you are a raw food lover like me. If you are not, go and try it out anyway, you’ll be surprised!

Have any of you gone to Stockholm and if so, do you have a restaurant you’d recommend? 

Now I’m off to bed, night! Xx


matapoteket, ravintola Tukholmassa //


matapoteket, ravintola Tukholmassa //


matapoteket, ravintola Tukholmassa //

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    1. Matapotekin ruuat olivat kyllä niin hyviä ja ihanan näköisiä. Harmi ettei sitä ole Suomessa, ainakaan vielä. Ihanaa viikkoa <3

    1. Haha, tälläkin pimatsulla tulee nälkä näitä katsoessa! Ehdottomasti kokeilen tehdä raakapizzaa kotona. Kiitos paljon! Muutos virkistää ihanasti <3

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