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I’m here! We landed yesterday evening and so far everything has gone just as we have planned. I love traveling and I especially love Sweden. Sweden is the kind of place where you can spend days up on days and still there’ll be a lot to see. A few years ago I spent almost a week in Stockholm as a tourist guide for Chinese students. I didn’t know Stockholm that well but with good guidebooks and a little bit of planning we were able to create a successful trip. If some of you are thinking why the heck was I guiding Chinese students in a country, or more specifically a city, that I didn’t know that well, my University had really great opportunities to offer. Thankfully.

But, I do need to add that I’ll never forget the moment when I saw one of “my students” eating a whole chicken as a snack. In a metro.

I’ll tell you more about my trip later! We are ready go and explore the lovely city of Stockholm. If you can’t wait until the next post, go to Snapchat to see behind the scenes craziness. Love you! Xx


Photo: Aino ( Feel Good Kitchen)

Luggage: Samsonite

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