First of all, I think there’s something wrong with me. I’ve been laughing for the past 20 minutes. To myself. You know when sometimes you just know how funny you are and you keep going through hilarious scenarios in your head with great bride. Yup, me, this morning, and I can’t stop. 

Just a quick reminder that these hilarious scenarios (at least in my opinion) can sometimes be seen on my Snapchat. So you know, you could like maybe, possibly, go there and laugh with me! Great 😁

But, to this day. Besides laughing to myself, I’ve been enjoying the weather and doing secret blog things. It’s not much, but to make myself feel better, it’s only noon. I also woke up with my sheets covered with pizza sauce, which again, is hilarious. Feeling like a champion!

So, how’s your Sunday going?

Ps. I added this picture because I’m wishing it brings back a little bit of credibility. You know, trying to be a fashion blogger and waking up covered with pizza sauce..😁


Photo 〰️ Kriselda


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  1. Sunday’s going awesome… altho not that awesome as to wake up with a pizza ://
    Oh well… time to hit the local mall for some latte deliciousness! \o/

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