Think Different

Think Different

The famous motto by Apple. Ironically makes you think what is different. Aren’t we all different from each other, don’t we all have our weird features that we hold as our holy grail? What is different nowdays? 30 years ago it meant that women wanted to be successful in business, men could cook and some crazy people though that they could actually do what they liked.  30 years ago it was EASY to be different.

That’s what a quitter would say. It’s too hard to stand out because everything is already said and done.

What we need to understand is the enormous gift it is to live in this era. Yes, I admit it; Apple’s motto is a hell of a marketing trick. But there’s a lot of truth in it. We are different, some more, some less. But during this crazy revolution where everything is out in the open, we are allowed to be whatever we want. We are taught to actually use our different qualities in order to benefit from them. It’s okay to try and fail, it’s okay to have multiple professions, actually the more the better. We were born to fail and try again until we reach our goals.  We don’t quit and we stick together.

The last thing I said is the most important part to me. I’m talking about a community of people ready to motivate and inspire each other without getting a reward for themselves.  To me that’s amazing. This community includes bloggers, youtubers the whole social media. There are so many ways how you can find motivation and inspiration to be the person you want to be. It’s unbelievable how a total stranger can tell you that; “you behind that screen can do whatever you want, regardless of what your school teacher told you and regardless of what your parents are demanding of you.” There are NO limits. You are the only person who can limit yourself; only your way of thinking can be an obstacle, nothing else.

I must admit that I started writing this feeling a little bit angry and in some ways betrayed. I felt like I was told that I could be whatever I want to be and do what I want. For some reason I thought that it would be easy, “because it’s in me”. I thought that I would already be where I want to be because I want it so badly. Well, I’m not there yet and it’s not easy. It’s scary to do what you love. Because when you are doing what you love, you are also afraid that you will fail or that someone won’t like it. When you do something that you don’t love, it doesn’t scare you. You know why? Because it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter if you fail or if someone says something negative about it, because you don’t love what you are doing. It doesn’t have a big meaning for you, and because of this it can’t have a big impact in your life neither, not negatively nor positively.

What I’ve learned today is that getting where you want to go in life, is a long journey that will include failures and fear.  But every failure teaches us something, we learn what doesn’t work and do it differently next time. When I mentioned fear, I meant excitement and nervousness if you’ll make it to your goal. Let me tell you something, when you finally do that one thing that makes you shake and smile at the same time, there’s no going back.

Peace out


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