Trip to Turku // Turku


The sun is shining(and I’m full with cake). The past 24 hours have been perfect!

We headed to Turku with my work colleagues to see yesterday’s The Voice of Finland’s live broadcast. I can’t remember when was the last time that I clapped so much. It’s actually really funny how numbed our hands were after two hours, hah.

The performers were amazing! There’s something really magical in live performances, you can almost feel the energy. We were sitting quite close to the stage which was great as we got to see everything and everyone. A performer called Suvi had this beautiful two piece sparkly dark blue/black combo and I totally fell in love with it! If someone knows where it’s from, tell me! Oh and if I need to name a favourite, Suvi is definitely on top of the list.

Also, I’m at the same time proud and embarrassed to admit that our “let’s go to party -mood” stop the second we got to the hotel a few minutes before midnight. But you know what, I’m actually really happy that we got a good night’s sleep because we got to enjoy the rest of the time we had in Turku. We had a lovely brunch and walked around the city while the sun was shining. To me that is perfection.

Talk to you soon!

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