Weekend getaway

Weekend getaway // saraphina

Hello everyone! I hope that your week went well and you got to do something super! I spent the past day and a half at a mansion called Haikko. Let me just say that the mansion in Porvoo was GORGEOUS. I just loved the architecture and interior design.

After an amazing dinner we took a few shots with Mia. If you didn’t already know about her, head on her blog asap to have a look of the pictures we took of her!


Weekend getaway // saraphina


The living room where we took the pictures at was like from a different century. The carpet especially was something that really took my attention. It’s not something I would decorate my home with but Haikko really pulled it off. There were so many rooms and places where I’d have wanted to take pictures at, but after 1.30 AM we decided it was time to go to bed. Next time I’ll bring 5 different outfits to shoot, haha!


Weekend getaway // saraphina

Weekend getaway // saraphina

Psst! You can find more pictures of the trip on my Instagram and if you are up for some spoilers in the future, head on to my Snapchat @sarahgrunn

Talk to you soon! xx

Pictures Mia

Dress – BikBok

High heels – Nelly.com

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