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HELLOOO WORLD! I’m so excited! Today I did something I’ve been dying to do for almost a year now. If you didn’t notice, my blog looks totally different. To be honest with you, the older version was bad, like really bad. There were days that I just felt shame, and I was desperate to make a change but didn’t know who, where, how. As a blogger I’ve developed a lot in the past year and the site that I had didn’t represent the blogger that I am today. A change was well welcomed.

A dear friend of mine just made her first website, and after two weeks she decided to change her layout. At first I thought that she’s crazy, why not try a bit longer and at least try to make the page work. You know what she said. “I don’t have to, this page is not working for me so I found another solution”. Simple as that! If something doesn’t work, change it! Find a solution that works the best for you.

Yesterday something hit me. I had to update my page and lost some of the coding tricks I had done, and not for the first time. After fixing the problem another came up and then another. Then without even thinking about it, I started looking for different templates and the third that came across was perfection. So simple.

So here I am, new layout, new me and it only took one step. Making a decision.


Photo: Kriselda

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